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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Religious Asylum for Medical Malpractice

I don't understand why the religious community is granted asylum from taking responsibility when practicing medicine without a license. This needs to stop, NOW.

I don't care what sort of mind-numbing foolish beliefs you cling to. If you want to believe your God wants you to wake up every morning and lather yourself with your own feces while standing on your head doing one arm pushups in order to achieve His protection for the day, so be it. If you want to believe in talking snakes and donkey's, demon possessed swine and zombies who resurrect after being dead for 3 days, fine, so be it, but...

When you tell someone they don't have to depend on their PTSD medicine because God has already provided them healing and all they must do is ask, you're practicing medicine. When that person flips out and guns down half the post office because they are no longer taking their meds, YOU are responsible. If you tell someone to pray for their child believing God for a healing, and that child has medical complications because of delay in care, or worse, they DIE...YOU are responsible.

When your beliefs require that innocent children pay with their LIFE, your batshit crazy beliefs are not fine anymore. When your beliefs cost the public lives in shooting sprees because of unmedicated mental illness due to YOUR "God advice," your childish fairy tale beliefs are not fine anymore.

If YOUR "God advice" leads to medical complications or loss of life, YOU SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE and subsequent charges of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. Then you should stand trial on civil charges and be required to take full responsibility. If you are going to dole out advice that results in harm to another individual, YOU should be accountable. If you don't want to take responsibility, then stop trying to insert your God in the spot reserved for physicians and science.

Simple as that.

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